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Experience Points

Post  DoodleSprite on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:17 pm

Below is an explanation of how we do experience points. EXP is awarded monthly at the end of the monthly player meetings, and can be awarded on the fly for exceptional RP as well.

For RP: You can earn up to 10 EXP a month for RP. This number can vary depending on the RP shown. obviously just coming in, getting a drink, sitting and doing nothing, no conversation, no character development, etc, will give less exp than coming in, getting chatty, forming alliances, moving your character and others forward.

For Posts/Fictions: You can earn up to an additional 5 EXP for stories about your characters and what they are doing in their "downtime."

So at the meeting you can earn as much as 15 EXP for your character.

EXP Expenditure:

Does your character want to learn to speak Italian? Does he or she want to learn to fire a gun? Please have them ICly working towards these goals for a while before you spend the points on them. Have them carrying around a "Learn Italian" book, have them start taking lessons from one of the other characters, etc.

Once you do spend the Exp points, please resubmit your sheet with a quick note of what you spent and where you spent it. Bottom line, if a stat isn't on the copy of the character sheet we have, the character doesn't have it.

NOTE: The Ops are NOT, I repeat, NOT responsible for keeping track of your EXP points for you. On your sheet, where it says Name:, put your character name, and then in parenthesis, how many unused xp you have. Example:

Name: Cadence Riley (15 unused xp)

It helps you keep track of what you have, and just subtract from it when you spend it.


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