Channel and Forum Rules

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Channel and Forum Rules

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:08 pm


1. Have Fun.

2. Be courteous and respectful to your fellow players and ops.

3. Communicate! Most problems arise from a lack of communication.

4. No arguing with ops. You may question a ruling and even appeal to a different op ONCE. But once the final say has been given that is that. This also includes no Op hopping/shopping.

5. IC is IC. OOC is OOC. And never the two shall meet. Do not take IC actions OOCly, and do not take OOC issues into IC.

6. No Metagaming/Powergaming/Godmoding. If you need a definition of these, ask an op.

7. If you have multiple characters, just because one of your characters knows something does not instantaneously mean that ALL of your characters know that thing.

8. Experience points will be given out monthly at the player meetings. If you cannot make the meeting, let the ops know in advance, and your Experience points will be PM'd to you on the forums.

9. If you spend experience points on your sheet, send your sheet back in to us. We need to keep updated copies of your sheets. Basically, if a stat is not on the copy of your sheet we have, your character doesn't have it.

10. No cross channeling. If your character plays here and in another channel, please treat it as "Alternate realities." Things that happen in the other channel do not effect your character here.

11. No advertising for other channels.

Rules may be updated/modified at any time, so please take note of any changes.


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